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HPI's most popular Nitro RTR car gets even faster!

We've updated the amazing Nitro RS4 RTR 3 Evo with some new bodyshells and an even faster engine, for maximum fun and excitement! The Nitro RS4 line of cars has historically been aimed directly at the beginner - to intermediate-level RC hobbyist, the driver who wants a fast car with great handling that's ready-made to go out and thrash the pavement!

With this latest version, we've added the hot new T3.0 engine to the Nitro 3 RTR + to give it a huge boost in power! The T3.0 is based on the potent G3.0 from the Firestorm 10T stadium racing truck, so you know it's going to be fast!


The Nitro RS4 RTR 3 Evo + gets its owner out on the track fast, with maximum fun and minimal hassle! The car is completely factory-assembled, requiring just a few minutes' worth of final prep to get it running. Radio gear is already installed and the engine is factory-set to make it as easy as possible to start up. The tires are glued onto the wheels and the body is pre-painted and cut out, with decals already applied. It doesn't get any easier to have top-speed fun with your mates!

An easy-to-use RotoStart is included for fast and easy engine starting. Simply prime the engine, attach the glow plug igniter, then give the RotoStart button a push to get running fast!

A strong 2-speed transmission system spins the durable and proven shaft drivetrain. Using a 2-speed tranny assures you of quick acceleration and corner exits as well as maximum top speed! Sealed ball bearings keep everything running efficiently so you get as much runtime as possible.

A thick countersunk aluminum chassis provides a solid backbone to the car, and the removable radio tray makes it easy to give everything a quick wipe after you're done at the track. To keep things under control, the Nitro RS4 RTR 3 Evo + uses real oil-filled shocks, just like the high-end racing cars!

Fully pre-assembled with glued tires, painted bodyshell and installed electronics New Nitro Star T3.0 engine for even more rock-solid performance and ultimate speed! RotoStart-equipped T3.0 engine for simple and easy starting Twin-chamber aluminum tuned pipe provides superb acceleration and huge top speeds
75cc fuel tank for extra-long runtimes, giving you loads of fun per tank Strong foam bumper protects the front end and bodyshell Oil-filled shock absorbers for realism, cool factor and performance Race-tuned suspension provides the perfect combination of durability and response
Strong steel driveshafts and diff cups spin on rubber-sealed bearings for a rugged and reliable drivetrain Durable plastic suspension parts form a nearly indestructible Nitro-powered touring car Tough shaft drive system for durability, performance and less maintenance Two-speed transmission for a killer combination of fast acceleration and massive top speed!
Strong disc brake system provides superb stopping power Reliable and tough HPI radio electronics for performance and peace of mind Sealed radio tray keeps dirt and fuel away from electronics and battery pack The radio tray is easily removable for quick and simple cleaning of the chassis













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